Manjaro accessibility install

Hi all!
I would like to ask for help!
There is no way to use the standard Manjaro installer. I’m blind, and I need accessibility, that is, speech-dispatcher, espeakup, espeak-ng and orca packages preinstalled in the image.
There is an image (spin) specially prepared with accessibility, sbk-talking. But it’s not new, it’s not updated.
Only Architect installer can be used here. But in this image, each time the installation of the environment (mate) crash with error.
Maybe someone can advise something?


The latest image is 18 days old. That is not much for stable branch. It should work, but maybe @Jim.B can chime in and give some proper advice, but most important would be good to know what error you get.

See here the latest post about it SbK Talking-Mate 21.3.1 release

OSDN download here
or direct ISO file here

I would be interested in the exact error as well.
Talking Mate is a nice system. Sadly the Calamares installer isnt compatible with the screen reader, but it does install a working install. If you could perhaps find someone to help you install the system with it you could avoid the Architect installer which can be quite hard to use for new users.