Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan released

Endeavor OS (as of Nov. 20 2023) comes with an update to the full-disk encryption via the Calamares installer which is at LUKS2 with the aragon2id hash function. Is it included in Vulcan too already?

This encryption specifically requires systemd boot and as Manjaro uses grub I guess the answer is no.

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i think stable release isos must be updated with fixed Pamac


Uh… I thought it was Vulkan and intended to write about that good API :sweat_smile:
Anyway, despite I don’t see much more differences with a previous release, do hope Vulcan is doing great.


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Wasn’t Vulcan sucked into a Singularity, in 2009?

The year the movie came out does not correspond to the year Vulcan was destroyed on the alternate timeline of the “Star Trek” universe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vulcan was only destroyed on this alternate timeline, and it happened in the year 2253. :wink:

And, yet, from this viewer’s frame of reference, it was 2009;

On you can read the annoucement, too.

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It seems we have a Vulcan penguin mascot for the release. Not sure where BetaNews got it from:


Yeah! Did a clean (re)install.

The Vulcan update via the package manager produced some nasty bugs in some applications.
So I decided yesterday to start from scratch: First updated BIOS/UEFI to the lastet version, which broke GRUB und Plymouth as expected and after that Manjaro Vulcan from the ISO – and the system is running smoothly again. Today’s cleaning day: Reinstall all other apps, with settings carefully selected from a recent backup.



I can confirm LUKS2 argon2id is working as a charmed with the GRUB2 and the grub-improved-luks2-git.
So GRUB2 simply need some patches for that cryptographic cypher and is actually ready to go on 2.12 GRUB release.

Wish You well


Better logout and use tty (CTRL+ALT+F3) for updating via command line from now on. I use sudo pacman -Syu for that. pamac update is possible as well

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Seems they need an icon update.

Looks good, as far I can see you also fix problems with bluetooth, which occurs when my linux was updated to Uranos! :slightly_smiling_face:

and 23.1.2 got released today

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Just an internal version bump in lsb-release for now.