Manjaro 22.0 Sikaris released

sorry for the intrusion;
in general where can i download the latest ISOs?
the one i downloaded on some time ago(not 22.0 Sikaris),required around 1.8GB of updates.

Yeah, that trampolinerocket looks very nice indeed! :upside_down_face:
As for scaling, I know that recent Ubuntu (and other Gnome distros) [pre-]releases do detect high resolution screens and apply integer scaling if possible. Kubuntu fails in this regard just like Manjaro Plasma edition. In essence, might be a KDE problem.

Sikaris is the one that’s there now.

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i know,
i meant in general;where can i find the most recent/up to date ISO.

If you mean the Dev builds???

so it’s either an unstable version,or hope the stable one posted on isn’t to far behind?

Don’t forget the monthly Release Review ISO’s:


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Thanks Тёма, I started to follow that bug report too.

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Yeap, this is worst update since I installed Linux first time.

Love this release, kudos.

Surely, it supports Intel CPUs!

A nice presentation of Sikaris :slight_smile:

At Sourceforge Manjaro 22.0.3 is available.
KDE: Manjaro Linux - Browse /kde/22.0.3 at
GNOME: Manjaro Linux - Browse /gnome/22.0.3 at
XFCE: Manjaro Linux - Browse /xfce/22.0.3 at

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but the community still does: GitHub - mesa-freeworld/mesa-nonfree


Do you want to be praised now?
Now you act as if nothing had happened. You’d better not have said anything now, like the months before.


22. Jan.

"I’ve left Manjaro and switched to another distro.

Sadly, this seems to be the trend with such decisions being made by its leadership. :frowning:

This pattern with Manjaro’s issues and controversies has become perennial, and as a serious desktop Linux user, it’s not worth the stress anymore."

…reading this post from winnie annoyed me the most.

Just saw a youtube video and the guy noticed bad codec support, so he was clueless about mesa-nonfree.

  • Quiz question, now where is the error?

Maybe you will flag this post, but I gave you exactly this answer because I like manjaro!

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Please - grow up … and spare us the condescending remarks - they are completely unnecessary.

No one does that.

I completely back the team decision to follow upstream Mesa and there is nothing you can say to make that decision dubious or questionable.

Some of us got productive and tried to work out a viable solution that would be usable withing the Manjaro branch system.

My initiative - sparked by other forum members - to create a PKGBUILD you could use to build mesa with non-free codes - again sparked me to create the mentioned Github organisation with a non-free repo - which then again sparked team members to participate in making it a viable solution by creating the necessary github actions to autobuild for Manjaro branches.

Yes you need to add a 3rd party repo - and precisly because of this - the need for any use to actively change their configuration - creates the loop-hole needed for end-users to have the non-free codecs - supported by their hardware - but due to licensing - and the last link in the chain principle - cannot be supplied directly by Manjaro.

So neither Philip nor Bernhard or any other team member was involved at first - they only participate as community members helping the community creating a workable solution that fits the Manjaro package eco-system.


This is the present and I’m absolutely fine with it. Making it more visible will help.

There are reasons to have the repo still hidden as we still have to see for legal reasons who of the community wants to host it. Currently it is hosted in the USA but that is exactly where it shouldn’t be hosted to begin with. France would be one place which might fit with given laws. I just saying that there is some community project ongoing, and also tested in a small internal group on daily basis, but it needs to track all the branches and create automated updates per branch updates. That technology got established and is ready to been used.

Some things take time, others move faster …


Now, this is good communication. :alembic: