Manjaro 21.3 Ruah released!

I have downloaded the images KDE and XFCE.


After some theming break when updating in Qonos release, I’m willing to give it a 2 second chance because Manjaro is SO beautiful.
But, the thing is, because I use my laptop for work I’d be in need of a more-stable-than-stable branch. I like fixing when something breaks, I enjoy learning about Linux by doing this, the problem is that sometimes I can’t afford to spend time on tracking bugs and fixing them. I hope you ever consider that. Love your work, it’s AWESOME!

Sounds like a point release distro would suit you better.

I use the unstable branch and it’s been stable as can be for years.

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Thanks for your suggestion Yochanan.
I’ve been using Fedora because of that, but Manjaro always keeps me coming back to it.

You can always dual boot. Maybe use Fedora for work and Manjaro for play.

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You do realise you can time it so you apply updates when time suiys you, right? Like over a weekend…

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If you have all of your current updates, you should already have it.


[keith@bug ~]$ lsb_release -drc
Description:	Manjaro Linux
Release:	21.3.0
Codename:	Ruah
[keith@bug ~]$

I do realise it, but, it’s almost automatic for me to open it up and type sudo pacman -Syyu in case there’s something new … and sometimes I’ve regrets for having done that, hahahahaha
I think, for the time being, running updates on weekends sounds like an affordable option.


I’m downloading this iso in order to throw a fresh install and be more careful when updating.
And this time I will set a separate /home.

My installation is over 8 years old, and completely up to date. :wink:


Theming is a thing. I assume you used Gnome edition, as there it is known that Gnome 42, when it came out dropped/changed some theming support. Our developers tried to get that fixed on the fresh ISO. Ask @Yochanan to write a more in detail and easy to understand tutorial to fix theme issues on Gnome, if that is your UI of choice.

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It definitely is my DE of choice. And I love it how you guys have customized it. In 5 minutes I’ll be installing it from scratch, just to try and fix theme related stuff along the weekend.
Thanks for your suggestions.

switch to unstable please

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yes I This is good thing …

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Can the new iso files uploaded to Manjaro Linux - Browse Files at ?

Here is the release announcement on Distrowatch:

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FYI: The above message appears when booting this Manjaro Live ISO, manjaro-xfce-21.3.0-220617-linux515.iso. It had not appeared in the prior ISO.

Mostly related to this: FS#74534 : [mkinitcpio] shutdown hook copy