Manjaro 21.2.1 Qonos released! - First Point-Release for 2022


version number in desc needs to be fixed


plasma-framework 5.89.0-1

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Thank you.

Does anybody know, if/when there will be new ISOs for Community Editions (especially Cinnamon) for 21.2.x-cycle?
Or better, can somebody point me to some information about how (often) Community ISO spins are created?

community edition isos updates whenever the developer of the iso profile wants to or have time to update it.

Thank you! And is it “save” to use these “aged” Community ISOs for installation these days or will I run into problems as soon I perform the update? I mean 21.1.2 has been almost 5 months ago with lots of updates and potential issues in-between. How do I know that there haven’t been any ABI changes for which a potential warning exists with archived Community ISOs.
I just want to make sure, that it is at least “technically” supported/possible to do the installation right with these “aged” but still latest Community ISOs.

I just noticed that the program notify-send does not work anymore, after the big update a few days ago. I know it worked before, so it is probably something after the update. When I run the command notify-send "hello" in the terminal in example it should work, but it waits as if it would wait for input and never stops, until I control-c. Any idea how to troubleshoot and if this is related to the update? Some related info:

pamac search --files -q notify-send

Well, it really depends as most of our Manjaro Developers are deep into other projects than taking care about Community editions. Most of them have no maintainers, so Bernhard is sometimes spinning them time to time when he finds some time to test stuff. However you can take a look at the Spins section, if a community member found time to provide some of his own ISOs …

Thank you for the information!

Do you have some quick words for me on this?:

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the hint! I will look into it, when I find some play time!

Does that mean, I do not have to dive into system configuration (like Arch), but just create my ISO with, let’s say, some of Manjaros defaults and configuration?

Just yesterday, a new SbK Cinnamon 21.2.1 release was announced, in the Spins section of the forums that Philip mentioned. I would check with the poster there to see what goals, procedures the group Spins by Kilz has for updating its Cinnamon edition.



While there are a few friends of mine that help occasionally, Spins by Kilz is mostly a one person project. I have been making SbK Cinnamon spins since 18.1.5. I would be very happy to listen to any comments, requests, suggestions for improvement, or even constructive criticism for any of the spins. Each release ends with a similar statement. Sadly I have gotten few responses, and I visit the forums a few times a day.

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is a Manjaro 21.2.2 version is planned in the next weeks as Kde plasma 5.23.5 is released since one week ? Or a Manjaro 21.2.2 version will be released later in the year ?


For Main editions we normally plan to release point releases after each stable update. So it depends when those packages land in the stable branch. Since we are a rolling distributon you don’t have to reinstall, simply update your installation of Manjaro or switch branches to help with testing.

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Is Zstd compression used when on btrfs?

Try checking your file with compsize to see if compression is enabled → How can I determine compressed size of a file?

 sudo compsize /

That means, (circa) every two weeks a release or every month an update?

There is a typo in paragraph 7 line 3 “mew” instead of"new"