Manjaro 21.2.0 Qonos released!


What is the kernel in Manjaro Qonos’ ISO?

I mean the x in 5.15-x

Because x<3 is uncompatible on Intel Graphics: Kernel 5.15 issue in recent stable update - #16 by oberon

And x<8 is buggy with Intel AX210: Bluetooth of my Logitech mouse sometimes not-working - #11 by Firestar

@Firestar In the first post, if you click the arrow next to “Download Xfce” (or whatever desktop you’re curious about), there are files available to download that end in “pkgs”. These include all the installed packages and their versions.

The first one for Xfce, for example, contains linux515 5.15.7-1


i suppose this release can be DL at,
but it currently still has an issue with Python and some AUR packages;
so where can i DL the fixed version(stable iso) when it comes out?

Awesome, just changed system from Mint to Manjaro. Much better though I had to install it several times, but it appears it was an issue with my hd.
Installed it on an old Fujitsu laptop (from 2006) of my father and it is running smooth!

Great work.
Thanks a lot. Merry christmas.

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I’ve tested this on real hardware (HP EliteBook 8560w). While I was able to get it installed and usable, I had a couple of serious issues with it.

  1. Even after booting from a GPT USB drive, the Manjaro graphical installer changes my fresh unallocated GPT SSD (wiped and set up as GPT with the included KDE Partition Manager in the live environment) to MBR, with no option to not do so. I want to use a GPT boot drive, not MBR.
  2. After simply installing with MBR and booting to the new installation, the SDDM login menu and even TTY 2 both said my root and user password were not correct. I typed the same password twice in the installer and the installer confirmed that the passwords matched, and it’s a very simple password, so I’m 100% sure I typed it correctly. Yet even after multiple reboots, I couldn’t get in, so I had to restart the whole installation process. I know for a fact that caps lock was not enabled.

Thanks for the release!

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before insitalling
ALWAYS recheck options in UEFI
secure boot off
fast boot off
csm off
legacy off
drivers on AHCI ( not raid )
no optane RST

it easy to check before installing

inxi  -Fxza
test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi || echo bios
sudo efibootmgr -v
sudo parted -l 

if you get MBR instead of UEFI that you have not checked BEFORE installing

My setup was installed as MBR and I don’t have any problems.

other way : you format in GPT ,
with a 1rst partition from 8Mb , not initialised , with flag bios_grub

muchas gracias en un rato lo reviso .

Like LordTermor said it’s a rolling system. you can update as usual via the softwarecenter or via the terminal “sudo pacman -Syu”

Yes, all those settings were already that way, and I even mentioned that I booted the live environment from the USB drive which was formatted with GPT. If the installer insists on reformatting what I already formatted as GPT to MBR, it should explain why and not just belligerently say that it will change the partition table with no explanation.

First of all, congratulations on the new release! :slightly_smiling_face::muscle:
Manjaro is a great distribution that I run on almost all my machines as productive OS, alongside Arch. I recently set up a new computer using Manjaro 21.2rc1. Do I need to reinstall Manjao to get the new BTRFS improvements announced in this release, or were they already implemented in RC1?
Merry Christmas to all of you!! :santa: :christmas_tree:

If you do not boot the live Manjaro USB in UEFI then that’s why it doesn’t install as UEFI. That is possible to not boot in UEFI mode the Manjaro USB if legacy mode is enabled or allowed somewhere in the motherboard (I have CSM enabled despite everyone saying you need that off, and I can enable/disable/force modes manually that way, with CSM off it enables Secure Boot on my side, which I can disable but there is another issue, under full UEFI (CSM off) the main port of my video card changes and it is the TV in my back which receives boot screen on the HDMI port, instead of my monitor on the DVI port, which is the default when I enable CSM).

I have the issue that my task bar only shows running applications from that window and not from others. So if I click on an application it won’t pop up the already running instance from another window.

In the screenshot you can see the shell on the right task bar active, but not on the left task bar.

Thanks! But I have not found the .pkgs, only .iso, .torrent, .sig

The Manjaro User Guide pdf file on the Live ISO has information about different install methods with lots of screenshots to show the differences between booting and installing on BIOS and UEFI


Merry Christmas guys :partying_face::grinning:

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Does Calamares now properly create and configure the swapfile (in a nested subvolume) for hibernation on BTRFS?

LordTermor, you pointed to the current thread to find .pkg.
Firestar pointed to the, which download section perhaps used more frequently and exactly this section lacks pkg description file.

Firestar, I believe you know where a feature request section located at :slight_smile:

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