Manjaro 21.1.0 KDE nvidia gpu with dual monitor setup second monitor black screen

I turned on ForceCompositionPipeline on all two monitors but no luck.

I also tried second monitor via HDMI and its very strange (haven’t seen such thing during my career) its displaying the interface but with super low brightness and even when I somehow on the monitor’s UI increase it its still soo dim that I cannot really see anything.

So with HDMI we can say its kind of working but still unusable.

At this point I am trying the second (on the left) monitor and just that without any extra monitor connected.
I really hope this is not the monitor saying goodbye and me having a hardware issue.

OK the second monitor (just alone) is fine.
Not hardware issue. With only this monitor connected it works.

Freaking great news.
I connected the monitors in a different order (which I tried 2,3 times before so no idea why it worked now):

First connected the left secondary monitor to DP on the GPU and booted the OS.
Worked fine.
Then connected the main display via DP to the GPU and it just worked.
All two monitors are working.

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Rebooted a few times and updated to 5.13 kernel and it still works.
So much screen tearing is going on so I have to figure that out still.

Thank you for everyone involved.
This is such a great community :slight_smile:

Check this and the comment bellow it with the solution mark

After I changed the refresh rate to 165Hz the tearing is gone and nvidia-settings says G-Sync is enabled on both displays.

Do you think I still need to make this configuration of yours to have no issues with it in apps/games in the future?

No need to go my route. Is better to keep the most defaults, and move from there on if something is failing, always in small steps and few additions.
If now is all working for you, keep it that way.

Now i’m on a quest to go actually backwards, from custom to less additions.

Okay, got it keeping it this way then.
Good for you :slight_smile:

Marked this as solution because at the end it was when I switched cables the third time that it started working.
but I would also like to thank @omano for helping out :slight_smile:

Glad it is fixed. Sometimes it is weird, but you have to check double check triple check and repeat things starting from scratch to troubleshoot. You’ll probably never know why it wasn’t working :smiley:

Probably not :smiley: lessons learned. :slight_smile:

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