Manjaro 21.0 Ornara released!

:+1: thanks for work!

I run this regurarly so I must be up to date.

Show the Manjaro Release level (but you could still have more updates beyond that).

lsb_release -a

Show Manjaro Release and Candidate history

awk -F'[][()]' '/manjaro-release/{ printf("%-25s %s\n", $2, $6); }' /var/log/pacman.log

sudo pacman -Syyu

from terminal

Thank you @philm and all the manjaro team for your great work!

Guys, where is the link to check the ISO with GPG?
Before the release it was there.
Anyway, thanks to Manjaro team for this release!

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Should this be showing up in Add/Remove Software? I haven’t seen it yet.

Just run ‘sudo pacman -Syyu’
Will will always b updated to the latest version.

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Cool. I’m running XCFE and I wondered because I’m not seeing a fractional scaling option anywhere.

how to report bugs

I’m a new user to Manjaro and wanted to verify the download from SourceForge. Following the GPG directions, there should be a .sig file to download along with the .iso. However, I haven’t seen any .sig files for the 21.0 release on SourceForge. Is there a trick I’m missing?

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The same. I think GPG is not available yet.

yup saw no SIGs only had SHA256 checksums for verification

GPG .sig files please?

Think it has something to do with the host. I’ve noticed the torrents for several projects hosted on sourceforge have disappeared lately.

I’ve done this exactly, and uncommented the line, but after reboot, grub is still a solid black background and an ugly font. The theme doesn’t show up. Any suggestions?

Do you have grub-theme-manjaro installed? Did you update grub after you uncommented it?

Can you please clarify where and how you did this? I’m facing the same issue.

I had forgotten that tiny detail. It’s up and running now. Thanks!

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

At the end of ‘grub cmdline linux default’ add ‘console=tty3’

Save and exit nano or ur text editor

sudo update-grub