Manjaro 21.0.7 / booting errors/ unable to bypass black screen problem/ resolved

The black screen didn’t start occurring until after updating the drivers. got to same black screen doing boot process an hour ago but noticed green flicker of manjaro desktop green while trying to boot. updated my drivers from terminal, reboot and right on liike Soul Train. runs cleaner than my other os and good for my class on zoom. different loading zoom but good to learn new things daily. my age the synapses start to fire a little different, jumper cables. one who stays in motion philosophy…

thanks, aporwciate the inout.

stay safe

apologies on misspell of Manjaro 21.0.7. gracias

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Please edit your topic title to make it clear what the problem is, see How to Post.

It is difficult to provide a reasonable cause to your issue.

Most likely - at least with the BSOD - it is often connected to a bad driver configuration or if the environment is KDE it could be a theme issue and with Gnome it could be an extension issue - but as mentioned - it is impossible to diagnose without more details.

well do. I’ll adjust it no problem.

Thanks for the edit. It would be best to create a new reply with the solution rather than editing the first post. That way your topic can be marked as solved via the reply.

copy that…new to Linux and forum as far as actively participating. I’ve got way too many questions about linux.