Manjaro 19.0 released (Gnome, KDE, XFCE, Architect)

Hi! Has the default theme shown on the grub screen changed? Now it's Ubuntu style jeje :sweat_smile:

Thanks for Manjaro 19

This is awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Thanks Manjaro Team!

Hi @philm and Team,

Firstly thank you for the Kyria update.

Are there any new wallpapers with these release for XFCE. Because, If yes, I cannot find them in /usr/share/backgrounds folder.

Also just to confirm, the new Matcha Theme for XFCE is the one seen as installed below snapshot right? If not, please suggest the correct one to install:

Thanks for this wonderful update once again :slight_smile:


I was watching a YouTube video ( of installing the new Manjaro 19.0 Gnome from an ISO. Out of the box, he ran the script My current Manjaro system is fully updated and is also at 19.0 (actually 19.0.1 today). But, I'm unable to find this script. I tried to run pacman to find out what package this script belongs to without any luck. So, my question is how can we know what packages the 19.0 ISO installs that is new and that you won't normally get by rolling from an older version? The default background is different in the 19.0 ISO, but I don't have that wallpaper. So, my question is again, what packages am I missing to get it? I don't know how to determine this.

The whole package list is available here:

If you have a running installation and want to see the new packages on the ISO run:

$ comm -1 -3 <(pacman -Q | cut -d' ' -f1 | sort) <(curl "" -L -o - | cut -d' ' -f1 | sort)

Hi guys.
Just to inform this cosmetic issue with the default Login & Logout screen.
Installing Manjaro 19 KDE Plasma, with language Spanish Chile (ES_CL) there's items still in english.

Login, some in english:
Logout, all in english:

Thanks in advance!

The work you guys do is amazing. Just updated and no problems so far. Noob question btw, I'm currently up to date (updated the most recent packages on 2/27) but I don't see the new theme available? Manjaro KDE Plasma.

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You need to manually install the breath2 packages.

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The Automatic dark theme is always off if I open the Layouts in Gnome.

What application style are you supposed to match with Breath2?

There is a breath2 application style.

installed everything with "breath2" in their name from community: breath2-icon-themes; breath2-wallpaper; paslam5-themes-breath2; sddm-breath2-theme, and I can not see breath2 application style nor window decorations with those packages. What am I missing?

Just select Global theme breath2. It will change all of the other themes. Also, it still uses breeze for the application style and window decorations, just with Manjaro colors.

i cant find the breath2 theme from global theme search (kde). does not come up when searching

The theme package does not automatically come with the update. If you want it, install the following packages as requiered:

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Correct me if I'm wrong, is this the right place to ask for adding another ChromeOS-like layout in Gnome-Layout-Switcher in the next release? Just have seen Zorin OS did that.

gnome-layout-switcher has it's own project thread:

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Testing the 19.0.2 ISO gives:

$ sha1sum manjaro-xfce-19.0.2-minimal-200311-linux54.iso 
d02e2e3a94b40957764dab4cd0c6ce62e32299de  manjaro-xfce-19.0.2-minimal-200311-linux54.iso

The download page says:
SHA1: 27cab62db5bffc802fb4b65c189eee80bc3ea0ee

Am I doing something wrong?

I found sha mismatches

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