Manjaro 18 Linux Gaming Report: This Is The Distro To Beat


Note that this is coverage in Forbes and is widely being promoted as announcing Manjaro as the best Linux gaming distro! Go follow Jason on Twitter and give him some love.



They seem positive..

but they obviously decided not to do any updates before starting the review.


(which is sorta odd to begin with ... but especially since they went about installing stuff, and mentioning which version of mesa we serve... which is currently 19+, 19.0.1-2 in unstable)

.. And I liked how they fit the stationx laptop in there 'that needs a review' - as in "forbes please buy me this laptop" :laughing:


just tweeted that at him. thx @cscs

Just remember the line

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyuu


@asynec since they asked .. looks like 19.0 started shipping in stable at the end of march:
[Stable Update] 2019-03-29 - Kernels, Gnome, LibreOffice, Mesa, Budgie, Browsers, Qt
and there was another update this month:
[Stable Update] 2019-04-03 - Mate, KDE-Dev, Cinnamon, Deepin, Browsers

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