Manjaro 18 KDE - Media Player no panel icon using Breath theme set

New (well, fairly new) user of Manjaro. Just installed KDE 18 version - very nice!

I notice when using my media players that when using the default Breath theme set there is no icon on the panel for the player. There’s just an empty space. If I switch themes the icon appears, but the downside is the Manjaro Breath theme set is so much nicer. I can click into the empty space and use it but without the icon it looks a bit poor. Is there a fix for this? It’s a small thing for sure but a real nicety. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah its same for me also breath icon theme lacks it while breeze has that

Right-click your K menu
Select edit applications
Search the media player in the menu
Select it, on the right you now see the details of the menu entry, including an icon
Click the icon and a selection window is opened
Select an icon which matches the player, save the changes.

You now changed the menu entry, not the one in your panel. To do that, delete the one in the panel and add it again from the menu.
If still there is no icon choose another one. There must be an icon which shows up in the panel.

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately the option to change the media player widget icon is not in this menu. I can change VLC, Clementine etc, but not the widget icon itself. It’s OK for now, I’ve just disabled the widget in the system tray for now until the theme is updated. :slight_smile:

Did you do what I wrote?
You should not change the widget in the panel, but the menu entry in your K menu.

But you can’t deny the fact breath icon theme is missing on it

I think is about this icon in System Tray


Personally i prefer the Arc theme, but for you, to keep the apparent likeness with Breath, switch to Breeze Desktop Theme. You might have to change the Application Menu icon, but that’s … a breeze … :slight_smile:

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Yes it’s about that icon in the system tray. I think perhaps DeMus has got the wrong end of the stick! That’s OK. My fault for not being clearer. :slight_smile:

Like I say it’s fine for now. I really like the Breath set so I don’t want to change it, and I’m happy to wait for the theme to be fixed/completed.

The thing is that Breath has the media.svg icon in /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/breath/icons/ but it also needs another 3 icons in /usr/share/icons/breath/status/24/
This 3 icons do not exist, as it is expecting to get the one from the desktoptheme that has all the states:

playback< >pause< >stopped

In order to fix it quicker than later, i posted here the archive, and i asked the team to include them. :slight_smile:
Hope will work for you. It should look like this:





Well thank you very much for those. I will add them to my desktop straight away! Brilliant! :+1:

EDIT: It works, but it looks almost greyed out.


Have I done something wrong? Thank you.

I followed the theme as it is, and also the icons. I have to make more tests and see if i change the color-scheme if that influences the appearance of them. My test last night was done only in the default Breath theme, with no tweaks … I’ll come back with my findings.

Whatever i did, i couldn’t reproduce the issue you have. I made the white variant, you can find on the same post link, or directly from here.


Can confirm that after a reboot, the white icons work great. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

I too am using the Breath theme with no other tweaks so I’m not sure how your original files don’t work, especially as in the same folders there are icons the same colour that do work. :confused: Still, it works now thanks to your replies. :+1:

Well, i reproduced your situation when i used the Latte-Dock as a panel, and on the default panel when i made the changes on an older install i have, but on new installs just works with the “grey” icons, and change the color based on the color-scheme. I will investigate more, as all this seems a bit inconsistent and inconclusive (sort of).

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