Manjaro 18.1.0

hey Guys,

When will the version 18.1.0 be available for stable branch ?

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Current estimation is mid to end of August.



Thank you very much but what are going to be the improvements of the next version

Some are mentioned in the announcements and some comments. For instance:

i thought like i mean we will have faster performance or more optimization , etc...

Great news !
What do you think is better, new fresh install or simply go the upgrade route ?

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Well, if you already have a working install of manjaro, why bother doing a fresh install when a new version comes out ? That's the whole point of rolling releases.

Personally the only reason I'll do a fresh install of Manjaro is because I want to go on the official xfce version and check out the new minimal install they're doing.


Better know, we are in that period of mid to end of August where manjaro supposed to release next version of the distro.

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true tho

Yup, I can't wait !

do you know what feature we would get ? performance improvement ?

It has been a long time and still no 18.1.0 i'm so excited for it to launch

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