Manjaro 18.04 review on distrowatch

You can read the positive review of Manjaro 18.04 on the webside of Distrowatch.


Yes, i almost began a thread on it a couple of hours ago but decided to save my 1s & 0s. All i will mention though is this extract re the large range of Manjaro DEs & WMs:

Any Manjaro experience you choose, Manjaro promises to be Manjaro whether you are on a community edition or a flagship

Apropos of the now closed recent thread on Deepin's viability in Manjaro, i feel those DW words are ominous. A frequently buggy broken DE on a Manjaro spin would be perceived by The Great Unwashed as a Manjaro failure, not a Deepin failure.


I don't think I can ever go back to the release model that Ubuntu uses and I will be using Manjaro as my distro of choice for the foreseeable future.

Doesn't really get more positive than that.

Had a quick browse through the wiki too, hats off to @dalto on the clean up job ... it is now pretty much up to date, informative, concise and generally spit polished to a lovely sheen.


The sentence also stayed in my memory. Nothing more to write.


is the forum getting hugged to death again by an influx of traffic due to the new article?

On a forum, normally some "members" write something not very intelligent...

...i meant the technical performance of the forum, which has been having loading problems all morning. also known as

It was that very same review that encouraged me to give Manjaro another try.



What I really loved about that review was how genuine the article was..It was not just manjaro this, manjaro that...It detailed the issues and their resolutions as well...Especially the part where he had documented the issues he faced and how our community helped resolve them.

Was really happy to read through...Please continue the great work guys :slight_smile:


A little OT, but a good temporary measure regarding the the Deepin Manjaro version would be a disclaimer on the download page IMO. Something to the effect of:

The Deepin desktop version is not an official Manjaro release. It's usage is not endorsed by the official Manjaro team. The Deepin desktop was designed for a static distribution and does not integrate flawlessly on a rolling model such as Manjaro.

The Deepin desktop is under heavy development, (and as such) you can expect to encounter bugs on a relatively frequent basis. Manjaro has absolutely no involvement with the Deepin project and any bugs relating to the Deepin desktop are not the responsibility of Manjaro to correct.

You are responsible for dealing with (and reporting) any bugs encountered upstream to the Deepin project. Do not expect the Manjaro forum to provide support for bugs originating upstream with the Deepin project.

Manjaro is considering discontinuing the community version of the Deepin desktop for these reasons. Be aware that if you install the Deepin desktop version, that it may be discontinued at any time with little or no notice. The Deepin desktop in no way reflects the overall stability and reliability that can be expected if using one of the official Manjaro releases.

I completely agree, and suggested something similar. There are lots of people using Manjaro Deepin out there quite happily (including me, and my extended family, who I migrated to Manjaro Deepin recently). Many users don't have complicated needs and will never encounter the issues that some are having. My father was just raving about it yesterday during Father's day brunch...

I agree with you , only problem is the leading the horse to water syndrome . You can put a disclaimer up but you'll always get the nimrod that doesn't read , same as the update announcements . I wish we could put up a disclaimer that says " Don't know because you don't read ? Then don't ask . "

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