Manjaro 18.0.2 ISO install wireless


I’m trying to install Manjaro using a USB and everything is working but I got this problem:
The wireless can detect my access point but when I put the correct password it keeps getting the message “Connection failed, unable to connect “MYAP”, wrong password”.
I tried over and over again with and double checked the password and I always get this error message.
I need to get my wireless working to install Manjaro. There is no option for a ethernet connection.


If you have an smartphone, you can share your connection via USB, wifi or bluetooth. At least with this workaround you could install Manjaro, and afterwards you can try to fix the issue.

Also you could check what is your language keyboard config, maybe it’s wrong. For exemple, open Mousepad and write your wifi password, then copy and paste to the wifi password prompt.


Try entering the password in the connection properties of Network Manager, (not in popup)


You can install offline.


I’ll try that.

Tell me how I can install offline please


Calamares is an offline installer. Everything you need is on the ISO. When finished, you can sort out your wireless. But hey, dealing with realtec or broadcom, @tbg is your man.


I’m using Manjaro Architect. I want a LVM with LUKS.
Can you help me @tbg?


Sorry I don’t think I’d be much help with advice on LVM or LUKS. My own personal opinion is you’re just heading for data loss if you go down that road. I only go with file or folder encryption for that reason. Full disk encryption inevitably leads to problems IMO.


Why does full disk encryption leads to problems in your opinion?


It will make things far more complicated when it comes to repairing boot issues. I also feel that eventually you will find you will run into a situation where you cannot recover your encrypted data.

Full disk encryption is just another level of complexity that most people really don’t need IMO. if you are a KDE user you can simply use “Vaults” to protect your data.


Thank you for sharing your wisdom based on experience.
I will proceed with LVM and LUKS.
Can someone tell me how can I install it the offline way? I would really appreciate it