Manjaro 17 Wallpapers


NO! It’s taking off to Gellivara, of course!! :smiley:


What you’ve done is incredible ! I really like your work !!!





Care to share the svg or w/e for the image and text ? Would be nice to try and transpose over other colors or slightly textured backgrounds [if you dont mind ;-)]. I


no way that took me ages to do! :grin:
just kidding, it’s a gimp .xcf
here ya go,



Wow! I think I cannot compete on the artistic level (not at all in fact). However, I added a “concept”, namely an “educational wallpaper” or “first run wallpaper”, here as an example based on my personal setting (active edges in top left and right corners, activity switcher in bottom right corner).

Depending on what KDE features Manjaro may want to showcase one can adapt this as required and add a version without text, to change it to.


We have made our decision for the wallpapers to use in Manjaro 17! Thank you guys, you are awesome! :tada:
Here the repo:

Hope to see you all for Manjaro 18. :wink: