Manjaro 17 Wallpapers


Hi all!

With @oberon, we are currently thinking of the evolution of our wallpaper package. We have decided to use a new model: each release of Manjaro will have its own wallpaper set. Don’t worry, we will find the way to always provide the current wallpapers.
We need you to propose your best wallpapers for Manjaro 17!
In the end, it will be the team of Manjaro who decides to choose the wallpapers to adopt because we want to keep coherence for the design of Manjaro.

Here the rules:

  • 8 wallpapers will be chosen.
  • the logo and/or the name have to be present.
  • don’t change shape or color of the logo.
  • use the comfortaa font.
  • adopt a modern theme.

Here the logo in svg.

Be creative, we need you! Good luck!

Fabulous February (2017) Screenshots


Post them here? What resolutions? Do you have any desire for dual wallpapers?

  • Yes, just post them here.
  • 1920x1080.
  • For now, I dont think so. :slight_smile:


My first submission.


Damn! Plymouth is hanging again! :laughing:


Our nightmare :sweat_smile: :laughing:


Here is the ones i’ve made :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to send me your feedbacks :+1:


How can I replace the current one with this?


I have a topic free photos for desktop background.
If chosen any of them, logo can be added.
If acceptable, I will add more.


I guess that depends of the DE you use.


Gnome shell - like it came with the community edition


I can’t remember how is in Gnome. Try in the support for community editions thread.


I suggest this wallpaper (the default of manjaro-gnome edition) if user edskeye replace gnome logo with manjaro one. :slight_smile:


Another one.


1st attempt as not familar with Inkscape? As used Krita and converted the .svg to .jpg.
Based off some of my photography. If you spot an image you would like to see as manjaro wallpaper.
Then send me the link from my Flickr account.

Guess will have to practice more and fine tune for better results.
So all suggestions or feedback good or bad is warmly welcomed!


Not a problem :slight_smile:

Or the one that fits a bit more to Arc Maia theme (just changed background color)

Bright version:

And just the last one:


Variant of my first wall.