Manjaro 17 KDE Windows Dual Boot install help


:grinning:Hi guys. Would appreciate some advice before I do an install of Manjaro 17.2 KDE

Planning on installing onto my HP laptop which has an SSD currently loaded with Windows 10 and OpenSuse. I will be replacing Opensuse with Manjaro.

My current partition table looks like this:

For the first 12 months of using this set up I had no problems switching on and going straight into the grub menu to choose which OS to boot. However a few months ago I think Windows did an update which messed up Grub and now each time I switch on it boots straight into Windows.

The only way I can access the Linux OS is to access the bios and choose from the efi menu.

Would prefer this not to happen after I install Manjaro.

Was wanting to know whether I should format the current /boot/efi Partition during the Manjaro install or leave it with its current contents? Would formatting cause a problem accessing Windows?

Your advice is greatly appreciated


Hi Guys,
Decided to take the plunge and do the install without formatting the /boot/efi partition - all went well and the computer boots smoothly into the Grub menu with access to both Manjaro and Windows.

Very happy - well done Manjaro off to a great start :grinning:


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