Manjaro 16.10 Fringilla Mate Edition development

Hi Mate community , recently i have started the working for update our Mate Edition .
You can see the progress here

and here

anyone can contribute so i open this for post your suggestion …

Thank you
Stefano Capitani


Thanks for getting involved with the Mate edition.
Is there any chance at all that you can get the mate-menu to work at this time?

I’m not an mate user … this is the reason because ask at you … but why not if not present particular issue … :yum:

There is a reason:
Depends On : mate-panel-gtk3

Repository      : community
Name            : mate-menu
Version         : 16.10.1-1
Description     : Advanced menu for MATE Panel, a fork of MintMenu
Architecture    : any
URL             :
Licenses        : GPL
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : mate-panel-gtk3  python2-configobj  python2-gobject  python2-pyinotify  python2-xdg  python2-xlib  xdg-utils

It would work with mate-gtk3 only.

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Ah ok … this is a problem not problem … i would update all on gtk3

A shitstorm is sure to come. :dizzy_face:

why ?

From virtualbox testing I’ve seen that arc theme need at least gnome-icon-theme to work

Add these to manjaro-mate-settings ?


Also Adwaita is always broken, where we’ve to look for this?

I thought gtk2 was what a true Mate user want to use?

:grinning: ok but if mate team switch on gtk3 i think is not our problem but of mate team :grin:

I think a true Mate user want is the Gnome 2 look & feel

(said by longtime gnome-session-fallback user: me)

Good old Ubuntu Precise Pangolin

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This is not a problem … can you try our vertex-maia-icon-theme should work?

Isn’t gtk2 going to fade away some time in the near future?

i try it with other icon themes and this problem not solved
until i use deepin icon theme
but it’s not beauty than menda or maia
can use rebuild it for mate
thanks for all

Works without problem for me, only need a Mate icon for menu

@k357k9 Sure


gtk2 make some problem with Developer IDE such netbeans
so gtk3 is perfect

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add this lines to caja
in /usr/share/caja/ui/caja-navigation-window-ui.xml

to add new window and new tab to toolbar
to make caja easiest to use

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We should focus on the GTK3 version of MATE and don’t release any GTK2 based version. We have one issue with the vertex theme, which is the panel. However you can paint the gtk3 panel with a colour to cover this. Sure some will say what the heck. I really hope also XFCE will adopt to gtk3 soon.


@Ste74 and @Lolix: I think Stefano and Fabio should work together on this one. Team effort might speed this one up more. Also it is better to have somebody as Backup-Maintainer. @Lolix: I like your work so far with your respins.


Ok … no problem to add icon mate for menu