Manjarin, a new GTK-theme for the Manjaro Gnome Edition



As a token of appreciation I developed a special version of my theme Telinkrin to match the Manjaro-desktop. You can find it at Manjarin
It blends well with the Adapta-nokto-maia shell theme and the papyrus-maia icontheme.


That looks pretty good. Would you put up on github repository? Will you maintain it?


I second these questions, though I see there is a github link from gnome-look
But add another 2 ;
Dark option aswell ?
And my personal almost-must … hard edges/right-angle/not-rounded corners ?
(also be advised - the manjaro ‘m’ in the screen is outdated - EX - see corner of forum)

But really - it does look quite nice. I can see it being heavily adopted.


Well it has a github-page, because nowadays it is required if you want to upload a theme to But this repository is not really something I use. I do not have the knowledge to really get into this github-thing. To cumbersome if you are the only developper. But if someone feels compelled to do so, I will provide all the necessary files… But I’m mainly a theme-builder pur sang.


That’s not true, I am often the only developer and I still prefer keeping it in git. Git provides and option to create a new branch and test thing in it. Git compels you to create commits with short notes what you did. You can clearly see what you meant in single patch. Also, it’s good to have backup + it might encourage others to do some fixes you’ve missed without having you to fix them.


Do you have any GTK.CSS experience? If so, than look at the way the sidebar is made. (it runs -visually- all the way into the headerbar. This is done by alligning the headerbar and the sidebar. Well it is allot more complicated to explain but the problem (side-effect) is that the color of the text in the sidebar must always match the color of the notebook on the right side of the sidebar.
Thus, if a dark notebook-color is required than the text-color of the sidebar has to match (the same color-code) Still following? Anyway, a dark version requires a light-colored sidebar with dark text.


I usually work live with the theme I’m working on. The easiest and fast way to test things. And I’m an oldfashioned themer: working directly within the GTK.CSS and GTKRC, as SCSS does not always translate the things I want. My CSS-files are -for that reason- three times larger then usual. But it enables me to finetuning it in every detail.


I would Like to See a slim alternative plus different Icons to Close / minimize / maximize.

The Ant-Themes have this Option i Like your themes very much but i like smaller top Bars :slight_smile:


Yes, I understand. But I’ll take that as a ‘no’. Which is fine. if I’d like to, I can certainly do it myself. I was just wondering if there was interest in a wider development. I think its great as-is if not.



# Maintainer: FadeMind <>

pkgdesc='Manjarin is a GTK-theme developed for the Manjaro-Gnome Edition'
depends=('gtk2' 'gtk3' 'gtk-engine-murrine' 'gtk-engines')

pkgver() {
	date +%Y%m%d

build() {
    mv ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${_commit} ${srcdir}/${pkgname}
    mkdir -p ${srcdir}/build
    cd ${srcdir}/build
    cmake ../${pkgname}

package() {
    make -C build DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" install


I feel I can be more free to do things on the GTK-front, without having to explain every futile change I make. I theme in a very unorthodox way. But it is the end-result I’m going for. It hinders my creativity… if I have to post everything on github.


@Ste74 could you please upload PKGBUILD code to community repos? I made proper PKGBUILD for this… :wink: Thanks.

@Paullinux what can I write in AUTHORS file? :>


Well, you sure don’t wast any time …
Well, I have developed it myself, based on a GTK.CSS file I created myself, but of course any GTK-theme is GPLv2
My author’s alias is PAULXFCE, so you could use that.




Ok, great!


Check mailbox, I sent you colaborator invitation





sudo pacman -U


Well done :wink:


Yes, I’ve got that


Excuse my ignorance on this part, but have you just made a install-package? If so does it resides in the USR/SHARE/THEMES folder?