"man" pages are not correct

Just installed manjaro yesterday and noticed that the man pages are not correct.

I use the default zsh and I can not use the syntax given in some of the man pages.

E.g. man man say that I should be able to use ‘man.7’ which just gives me ‘command not found’ and ‘man history’ say I can use ‘history info’ but it does not work also.
So now I wonder how many other pages are wrong and how to install the correct ‘man’ pages.

man man.7
man history info



I have spoken too soon. All is well. Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:
On that clearing up note:
This is from ‘man hisotry’

history info ?count?
Returns a formatted string (intended for humans to read) giving the event number and contents for each of the events in the history list except
the current event. If count is specified then only the most recent count events are returned.

What does the question marks mean? I have seen them in other man pages as well.

I’m actually not sure. Let us know if you find out. :wink:

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