Makulu Linux “Core DE”



Hi everyone!
Recently, I was looking around at Linuxscoop’s YouTube channel, and found their new walkthrough of Makululu Linux. The intiguing part about it, is the XFCE fork they are using, called “Core DE.” I’m interested in playing around with this DE. Is there any way someone or myself could spin a manjaro edition featuring core?
I also really like their video…

If it is an XFCE fork, could I potentially spin a vanilla manjaro iso with all the tweaks added?


Ugh…2 docks, 2 menus with compiz and emerald plus an OSD circle menu and gestures and…
Not my thing :wink:
They also dont seem to share the source or anything anywhere. But I have a feeling you could get reaaalllyy close by just modding XFCE and adding a few tools/configs instead of forking an entire DE.


How hard is it to mod XFCE to look like macos?
That is basically what they did…


Depending on how you do it? Probably under a dozen mouse clicks.


So easier than KDE?


No … I think KDE comes more ready to be like mac … if only due to modernity and certain things built-in that xfce is missing OOB.

And again … it depends what you mean by ‘like mac’ … Does this include icons ? or is it just layout? transparency ? “Expose” or whatever ?

But still … install dock (usually plank … but if on KDE and have resources to spare then latte dock maybe)… install icons … install theme … orient desktop [panel top, dock bottom]… thats about it.


Ok. Thanks!


Menu and icons with the styling colour scheme when going through the menu looks to be from MATE. Circle menu is interesting.

Although, can’t you mod KDE/XFCE to look like this or atleast close instead of forking it? Forking means more bugs, possible security issues and what not. Really a bad idea if you are really going to use it as a functional DE.

But it does seems to be giving more options to customise out of the box! Really fancy. Seems to be suited for Mobile use cases as per the video. Whether you want it in a desktop is another thing. Interesting project to keep an eye on. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Have you used this as daily driver @SlayerProof32?


The Gnome-Pie menu is in community repos and, for more information, can be found at

Themes for GTK+ to look like Mac OS can be found as described here

and there are plenty of icon themes too …
that’s it