Making the OS more polished

hello guys, i think that a user friendly OS must guide the user to do the basic things

for example, when you first boot the first thing the OS must do is to ask the user in the CLEAREST way possible to choose the language (with icons, images etc), then the keyboard layout etc

then it could have a little basic guide of how to install things, what is pamac, show the basic features of the DE etc

also it needs when you select the language on the liveiso the first thing that appears is a english manjaro hello, when you open calamares and select the language a lot of stuff isn't translated and when i first boot up you need to install additional language packages, but the OS doesn't say that you need to do that in the first boot, it isn't obvious to a new user that they need to install language packages they might think that is a problem with firefox or whatever application they are using.

i also suggest creating a newbie tutorial in the manjaro hello in the respective languages and DEs, so they can learn the basics of the DE and linux and how the OS works, like how to install programs, how to customize the interface etc.

also with firefox, i think it would be better to disable the titlebar by default, the setting is a little hard to find on firefox.

basically adjusting those little details that makes a polished experience.


I agree and believe these are good ideas.

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although all sounds good and all.
but no one really bothers reading all those.
they will just be decoration.
linux isnt babysit os.
you need to learn by yourself how to do things.


What about the user guide which is translated into many languages .. the same goes for the wiki.
(but again .. despite those things being available .. many people skip looking at them and then complain that there was no documentation or 'how-to')


What DE are we talking about? KDE Plasma, Gnome, XFCE?
Do you want to give a hand on making those presentations for each DE? What features exactly should be highlighted?

You can set the language at BOOT from the ISO.

Users should deal with that as they like.
On Gnome i use Adwaita-Maia-Theme for Firefox

On KDE Plasma i have different preferences and workflow... Firefox can be delivered as it is now!


Moved to #general-discussion:rants-and-raves as this is a matter of personal opinions.

The user guide is on the desktop of the installer.

Manjaro-Hello - when booted after installation contains Manjaro Application Utility providing quick access to common applications.

If you feel some kind of guide is missing - you are welcome to write a guide covering the topics you are missing.

Post it here and let the community members evaluate and proof read your work.


It is such attitudes that discourage people who want to use Linux. Congratulations on being this amazing genius who is above us mere casuals.

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dont will also get somewhat same attitude.
after sometime.
if you persist and learn by yourself by reading wiki's.and forums.


If we were all such genius communicators I doubt we'd be using Linux. Also, all Millenials, please note that we don't approve of whiners, whingers, or those that come on with the "what Linux should be," or "what Manjaro should be" lines. Nor is English the birth-language of a very large share of Manjaro users.

Get a grip.


Damn, this generation thing made me laugh. lol

The only thing missing is "Back in my days, we had to optimize our freakin' 640 KB of conventional memories by hand to launch our DOS ■■■■ properly."


Bah, that was child's play. @c00ter and I blew up our monitors trying to get X to work.



"Nobody needs more than that." - old saying often attributed to Bill Gates.


I blew up mine too, 1996 and fried a 3.5" floppy drive (don't know how I did that).


As a one of those, I can't agree with your attitude. But I get the joke, it's a funny one.


Hey @c00ter ...there's 3 of us now!


No 4 i did it many times


You know, I don't miss the days of using a floppy as a boot disk. The Grub menu reminds me of the boot floppy I had for games. An option for "no-ems", an option without the mouse driver being loaded, etc...


Back in the day, if you didn't optimize CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT and use HIMEM.SYS you didn't play any DOS games. Not the ones worth playing, anyway. :wink:

There. You satisfied now? :smiley:


I had to write improvements/drivers for 24 dot matrix printers (äüöß etc.) to be able to print letters, and all with English operating instructions without g00gle translation help.
You all know how bad my English is now, it was worse then :slight_smile:

Data Acquisition Program
Program to sort the data
Program for printing
Data search program

because the RAM still had 8 KB free memory.

When I had time to play I was already too old for that :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

Translated with


heh.. made me laugh... i did that a few times.

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