Making new keyboard shortcuts for Gnome (Pahvo)

Hi everyone,

I’m new to manjaro, only have it since a few days and I really love it. I would like to make a keyboard shortcut for opening the Documents folder. I’ve already manage to make the shortcuts for applications, but in case of the folder I don’t know what to write in the ‘command’ field (so far, I use the ‘Customize Shortcuts’ option from the keyboard menu).

I"d be grateful for any tips or any helpful links.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @dianator, and welcome!

I suspect the command would be:

<command> <path>


  • command is the name of the command for the file manager. I don’t know which one Gnome uses.
  • <path> is the path you wish to browse.

I use KDE, so Dolphin file browser, so for e the command ro open my Documents would be

dolphin ~/Documents

~ is a Linux alias to your home directory.

Hope this helps!

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@Mirdarthos is correct in methodology.

To be more specific while Gnome has re-branded the ‘front-end name’ of their file manager as “Files” its still technically nautilus … so

nautilus /home/$USER/Documents

It works! thank you so much, @cscs and @Mirdarthos

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