Making a drive writable

Hi : p

I’m brand new to Linux (And I mean NEW) and I’m really struggling with stuff (unsurprisingly)

I want to put my steam library onto a drive I have in my system but it is “read only”, I have no idea how to make to writable, can anyone help? I have tried to search it up but I don’t rly get it : p

(If it helps, it’s a 2TB Barracuda HDD)

You need to mount the device - using fstab or systemd - then change permissions on the mountpoint

I don’t really understand the guide… : / (sorry)

It says about making a data file to mount to (If I understood that part I really don’t know) but idk how to actually do that to start this… Am I misunderstanding all of this? (Sorry for my stupidity.)

Then please post


This is how I mounted an external drive:

  1. Open up the Terminal app.
  2. Run lsblk and identify your drive in the form /dev/sdXY where X is a letter and Y is a number (like /dev/sda2).
  3. Run sudo blkid and see the UUID of that /dev/sdXY drive you previously identified.
  4. Run mkdir $HOME/SteamDrive [this creates a SteamDrive folder in your home directory and will be where you mount the drive]
  5. Run sudo nano fstab (this opens up a text editor in the terminal) and add an entry below the others in this form:
    UUID=uuid-from-step-2 /home/user/SteamDrive ext4 defaults,noatime 0 2
    Make sure uuid-from-step-2 is exactly the one you got earlier. Replace user with your username of course.
  6. Press Ctrl+O and then Enter to save the file. Then press Ctrl+X to exit the text editor.
  7. Run reboot or restart the computer as usual.
  8. Open up the Terminal app.
  9. Run sudo chown -R user $HOME/SteamDrive (replace user with your username).
  10. Done.


This worked and was super ez, thank you so much : D

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Marvelous. Glad to be of help. :slight_smile:

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