Makepkg was unable to build , in AUR apps {SOLVED}



hi there , (newbie)
i just had a fresh install using Manjaro-Architect ISO . i went with the nice deepin 17.0.5 .
and now i want to download apps from AUR such as google chrome or wps office . i used to use them back in the time when i was using kde . however this time when i use yaourt to get them , they download but in the last step where it is being built it fails .


Looks like the fakeroot package is not installed. You could use the package manager or sudo pacman -S fakeroot and try again.


I think it is best for OP to install whole packages from base-devel group instead of fakeroot only

sudo pacman -S base-devel


thank you guys . it worked just as u said it would .


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