Make m.2 NVME SSD bootable on older motherboard with modded bios

Just switched to linux, here’s the steps I did:

  1. Updated motherboard with modded .rom
  2. Checked the BIOS and sees the NVME SSD.
  3. Installed the latest Manjaro KDE on m.2 NVME and then it didn’t boot at all.
  4. Checked GParted and I see that it put the m.2 ssd in ‘legacy’, so I switched it to boot + esp.
  5. Now I can boot it up using USB drive, but not without it.
  6. Plugged in another sata SSD to make it do the booting work of the USB drive LIVE, but without success.

How do I make it bootable without the USB live?

You don’t make a disk bootable in the same sense as on BIOS/MBR setups.

Modern systems uses EFI and the EFI contains a small filesystem for storing the path to EFI partitions containing a efi system loaders.

An EFI system partition is a small partition - size is depending on the actual use case - but in case of GRUB as bootloader it can be vary small. E.g. the highly customized grub used by ventoy project resides in a 32M partition.

The important stuff is

  • partition type guid must be 0xEF00
  • filesystem must be FAT - the specification says FAT32 ( mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sdyX)

Then you use efibootmgr - to write an entry into the above mentioned EFI filesystem and ding - the entry is recognized as bootable.

Of course there is much more to it - but I hope you get the idea.

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You are asking one question where the answer you really want is the answer to another unrelated question.

Sorry - no can do.

Read this topic - it probably has the answer you are looking for