Make KDE window sizes "sticky"


I like a clean desktop. I work on an issue or task, then close the application window and move on to the next one. After a reboot, KDE will sometimes open an application window the same size and dimensions as my Conky, which is autorun at boot. Other app windows open in seemingly random locations and sizes. For instance, after reboot, the next time I open Brave browser, it opens in a compressed size, not the size I left it.

I have messed with “More Options >> Configure Special Window Settings” for hours and hours.

I vaguely remember on Windows machines I could click and drag windows to position and size I wanted, then hold down CTRL and they would always open later in the exact place and size.

That I can’t make Manjaro KDE do the same really pisses me off.

I hate to post such a noob question. Manjaro user about four years now, networked computer geek for many years, I am old enough to be on Social Security and I should know how to do this.

Yorktown, Virginia, USA

If I am not mistaken this is something that is being worked on now. I mean Plasma devs are aware of this problem and trying to implement this feature.

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Thank you for this information. I was not aware it is an existing condition. I will be patient then.

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