Make gestures work out of the box

There is a problem with getting the gestures app to work in gnome.
The user should be part of the input group.

So after running the next command and a restart, the app started working.

sudo gpasswd -a user input

Also, for a lot of users it could be too hard to figure out how to configure the gestures.

Maybe it would be possible to preconfigure some gestures that can be useful and logical to use.
I really think gestures are a big addition for using the desktop

These are the commands I configured:

3 finger swipe down: xdotool key Super
3 finger swipe up: xdotool key Super+a
3 finger swipe right: xdotool key Alt+Left
3 finger swipe left: xdotool key Alt+Right
4 finger swipe up: xdotool key Ctrl+Alt+Down
4 finger swipe down: xdotool key Ctrl+Alt+Up
3 finger pinch in: xdotool key Super+h
3 finger pinch out: xdotool key Alt+F10

Thanks in advance


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With all due respect, you are overlooking something… Not everyone is using a laptop. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Of course not everyone is using a laptop. But not everyone is using a ONLY mouse either. I use mouse, touchpad, graphics tablet and a touch screen (some in the same device) at the same time on 3 different devices including a desktop. It’s not even just about laptops at this point.

Gesture support is not super imposing when enabled by default and some of us really really REALLY find it cumbersome (to say the least) to enable an ergonomic feature that shouldn’t be this hard to enable out of the box every new system.

With all due respect, why is this the first thing you bring to the table?

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Probably for the same reason that you feel that it must be enabled by default. It’s a matter of different perspectives. :man_shrugging:

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Ok, so whatever is easy out of the box should be equally easy by the user that wants that feature.

The OP created 5 days ago a topic

So, they got it working, right?

Each of those have particularities.

I do use a Cintiq22HD. Nothing for it is installed by default. Should i ask to be all included or make an imposing request as it would be normal? NO. Regardless the defaults, they could not satisfy my requirements, yet everything is at hand, in the repositories. If was the Touch model, that touch would go by the way of the dodo bird. Is messing my workflow.
Also including users in input group by default can rise questions for those that don’t want that and have all kind of concerns. :wink:

Same question right back at you:

Please don’t go offensive. Manjaro developers have a lot of things to deal with and none of them are using touch screen devices, AFAIK, except pinephones. When time will come, i’m sure many other things will be considered to be included as defaults, once are tested and curated.

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Thank you all for the clear responses.

I am only a user and don’t have a lot of knowledge about developing and maintaining a distro.
Thanks for looking into my suggestion and providing me with information so I can understand this decision.

Still you provided the app, one that I did not know yet, and that is the reason I am able to enjoy it right now.

Keep up the good work! :+1:


Thank you for reporting! Gestures not working out of the boxis a bug. It was implemented already previously, but the settings seem to have somehow dropped from the iso at some point. I’ll be getting a laptop within a month or so, and can then resume developing gnome edition. I’ll fix this at that point.

The problem with using xdotool is that it is not compatible with wayland. We’ll figure something out to make it compatible with both environments.


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