Make "Favorites" entry smaller

I am referring to the Favorites in the menu accessible from the Manjaro logo at the bottom-left corner of the monitor.

An aside: In Windows, the equivalent is called “Start menu” I believe. What is the Manjaro or Linux term for that?

Anyway, the default layout of the Favorites is for each item to have a big icon and two lines (for name and description). That way, after adding ten items, I am already going off the edge, and an eleventh will make me have to scroll.

Question: How can I give a Favorites item a smaller icon and just one line for name? Thanks.

Its not a manjaro/linux thing, but rather an XFCE thing, assuming its using the default one for that desktop environment. If so … then it is called “Whisker Menu”.

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I kind of found the answer to this one.

  • Right-click Whisker Menu > Properties > General (tab)
    : Show application descriptions = untick
    : Application icon size = smaller (from small)

For anybody looking for the same thing.

Then each DE has a different name for that? That’s real cute. I suppose the whisker belongs to the mouse at the center of the Xfce desktop.

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Yes. KDE has “Kickoff” … and so on.
Just like everything else - it has to be delineated somehow.

Heres some extra misc info for your enjoyment:


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