Make error massage: At least Python 3.9 is required to build

Hello, I have been trying to compile Blender. I have previously succeeded , but now I get the complaint that Python 3.9 is needed and this definitely exists. This might of course be a Blender problem and I will also try there. Any thoughts would be welcome.

Why are you compiling Blender?
It’s in the repository…

Because the I wish to look at features not yet available in the releases. Also there are branches which include code that may not be merged for some time.

Are you using any of the blender-*-git packages available on the AUR?

PKGBUILDs should have required dependencies.

No. I am following the instructions on the blender website as regards Arch Linux. I would like to continue to do this as there are branches containing code which will not be merged for a little while.

Just keep on trucking …

Maybe it is time to update your virtual environment for blender?

I have started from scratch and blender now compiles. Thanks everybody.