Major upgrade ... major problems

Hi team!

I am a long time (computer technical speaking) user of Manjaro because of its rolling release and ease of use. I am in general very happy with the system!
Before I was a Gentoo user for years but got fed up of the dependency hell in stable.

but …

Two update annoyances I encounter over and over again which make me grind my teeth with the question (should I move to a new disto?):

I have reported these problems before with earlier updates but nothing changed.

  1. python

Every time Manjaro does a python update e.g. 3.09 > 3.10 > 3.11 > 3.12 my system breaks. I have a home server running with several virtualenv’s all created by the last python version and they simply break.

It would be very helpfull if Manjaro can keep older python versions on the system.

Yes I know pyenv and maybe I should look into going this route.

  1. postgresql

With major upgrades 12 > 13 > 14 > 16 the old database is not compatible with the new version. Old binaries are needed to migrate the data to the new version. But after an upgrade it is impossible to install it.

Please make sure both old and new can be installed on the same system.

Yes I can install postgresql by source. That’s maybe the most stable solution but then again whats the point offering the package via pamac?

Thanks for considering making updates go smoother.

You already answered the first one I guess, but…

Perhaps read archwiki first? PostgreSQL - ArchWiki

Yes you should, a rolling distribution is not the correct choice for a stable server. Even if it is just a “Home Server”. Something like Debian or RHEL is better suited.

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