Major kudos needed to Manjaro Team

Spent the last decade on Ubuntu and derivatives. I knew all the bugs and workarounds and stuff i needed to do to get things working. Parents are running Ubuntu Gnome. With some of the glaring missteps the last year and this, i decided to start looking for a new home. Since I am a big gamer, I decided whatever I landed on would have to be able to play games fast. I benchmarked i think 20 distros with different DE with the games i play and other benchmarked. Manjaro xfce turned out to be the fastest and most stable for gaming for me with Nvidia GTX Titan.

What surprised me was how fast and how easy it was to get Manjaro up and running and fully configured to game. Also, i have a few things for work i have to have installed that I had to fight with on Ununtu and Debian that just worked on Manjaro ... my Citrix client to log into my work VDI.

There is definitely some love and detail put in. with the helper utilities that they wrote for driver and kernel, among others, a pleasure to work with. I still like to get my hands dirty with cli, but other times, i just want things to work.

Again, major kudos to Manjaro! Ubuntu seems clunky now lol!


I had Kubuntu alongside with Manjaro and Windows 10 pro on my computer.
I deleted Kubuntu and now I have only Manjaro KDE and Windows 10 pro on my machine.

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I've had a similar good experience with Manjaro, coming from years of using Linux Mint.

Mint Cinnamon still rocks, it is my first "safe and default" choice, but recently I have tried Manjaro and MX, and they both seem to work very well, each one with it's own pros and cons. I guess they are not without reason in first 3 on distro-watch, as they all are very good.

As for KDE environment, Manjaro is my first choice, looks stable, works fast, and packages in main repo are very fresh, like libre-office that I use a lot.

I almost went back to linux mint with cinnamon, however it didnt bench well with gaming. I was on kubuntu for a couple of years before moving to Manjaro. I have always liked xfce, but it was slow and unstable on Ubuntu. I am not sure why that was the case. I still love Kde but you take a penalty in performance. Had to hack it a bit to get rid of the screen tearing too. MX was one of the ones i benchmarked and it was on the slower end of things. I am currently playing Witcher 2 which i wasnt able to play before, for example.

I was dual booting with win10, but after it ate itself again, i had enough. I can play fallout4 in proton, so I dont miss it anymore. Less headaches.

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