[Maintain Report] Firefox reporting parts of the forum page are not secure

Any thoughts on this?

Https Certificate expired?

Mmmh, not the case here (84.0.2) on KDE.

Doesn’t show that for me on Chrome or Firefox. My web browsers says the certificate is perfectly fine.

Same thing for me in Chromium and several Firefox derivatives ─ chromium, plasmafox and firefox-appmenu-bin from the AUR. All fine on this end. :man_shrugging:

No issues here on FF Nightly x64, updated this morning, build 20210120095121.

My Firefox says only parts are not secure (like images.)

Which leads me to think that maybe it’s images hosted elsewhere? Or something of the sort, anyway.

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That is possible, yes. Images hosted at sites that don’t use https.

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Seems to be resolved now

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Some people link images from other websites such as imgur.

That’s what I suspected, yes. And not all of 'em are secure.

If you use HTTPS Everywhere add-on, it should auto upgrade those links to https btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, I think Firefox has that option built in too now that you can enable (for Firefox users)

Yes, I think it does. And I’ve got the extension. Along with a lot of other privacy and related addons.

If I wanted to be constantly watched by Big Brother, I’d have tried the TV show…

This is now a built-in feature in FF.

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