Main monitor blank (but detectable) after overnight turnoff

I’m using xfce with a dual monitor setup and runnning the 5.13.19-2 kernel.

Usually when I am done for the day and won’t be using my desktop until tomorrow, I leave the tower on but turn the monitors off. This results in inconsistent behavior. Sometimes the next day I can turn on my monitors and it’s all fine, but about 1/3 of the time the main monitor doesn’t register a signal. It still is shown when I call xrandr and when you open xfce4-display-settings all looks normal. I’ve tried to mirror the displays then unmirror them but that doesn’t solve the instance of the issue, and certainly doesn’t prevent it from happening.

Two somewhat related niggling issues are that the relative positioning I want to set for my monitors doesn’t seem to persist. The default is this:

which I don’t like because there is a small pocket in the lower left of my main monitor where I can’t slide over to the monitor on the left.

I set it it to correct this:

but this reverts back to the previous after a few hours or every logoff. Any ideas why this might be?

The first issue may be the same as mine. I haven’t figured out the exact cause but I doubt it’s powersaving options since I turned those features off.