Maia Theme has disapeared after uninstalling gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect 44-2

I uninstalled this as I have an iphone and brave kept trying to use gsconnect to dial out instead of zoiper. Now I’ve lost my entire theme structure. I only have adwaita now. Themes in Tweaks doesn’t show maia anymore either. How do I reinstall it as it appears to have been removed? FYI, I have tried sudo pacman -S gnome-themes-maia but got an error message “target not found”.

You may have inadvertently also removed manjaro-gnome-assets as it depends on the preinstalled GNOME Extensions. If so, you’ll want to review it’s dependencies and see which you want to reinstall.

There’s no such package. It would have been either matcha-gtk-theme or adwaita-maia.

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I reintalled manjaro-gnome-assets from pamac and that fixed much of the problem, then I reinstalled the themes from pamac. All seems to be back to normal.