Maia shell theme on Gnome 3.24; dash-to-dock and notification panel issues


Arc-maia and Vertrex-maia need some work with their gnome-shell theme. I’ve found two usability issues since gnome 3.24 hit the stable branch:

First, in the notification area the pop-ups and bubbles are shown on gray on light-gray, making them very difficult to read:

Second, with the dash-to-dock extension enabled, the small indicator under running applications’ icons is gone. In the screenshot below you can see that there should be something under gnome-terminal and gnome-tweak-tool’s icons.

The indicator for running applications shows up on the sidebar if the extension is turned off:

Fixing notification color issue in Arc/Arc-Maia theme in Gnome 3.24
Fixing notification color issue in Arc/Arc-Maia theme in Gnome 3.24

This is the usual Gnome’s “Every update, all themes are borked”…And sadly, there’s nothing we can do rather than wait for the theme’s author to keep up with its gnome shell…

Or if you annoyed with the issue you could try to downgrade the gnome-shell and wait for the updates…

Here’s how to downgrade package :


Dark Aurora Theme have a Green version, based on Vertex and works fine on 3.24


Fortunately, it’s only a matter of default colors. Dash-to-dock’s running indicator is OK if you set a custom color:

@bolimage I’ll try this theme out thanks.

Fixing notification color issue in Arc/Arc-Maia theme in Gnome 3.24
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I saw this topic, which is closed automatically after 30 days, so I created a new one.

Finally I found a way to solve this.
it’s better to make a child theme based on the installed main theme. because we must change something in the core files. so we make a child theme, to avoid editing the core files.

  1. make these folder structures and a css file like this:


  1. then add these lines to this file:

@import url("/usr/share/themes/Arc-Maia/gnome-shell/gnome-shell.css");

.message-title {
color: #5c616c; }
.message-content {
color: #5c616c; }

I assume that your Arc-Maia theme which is installed as a package, is under /usr/share/themes/Arc-Maia/
If you installed your theme in a different location, you should change the @import line location.
3. after that, restart Gnome, and run gnome-tweaks, then choose Arc-Maia-Modified for the shell part.


I made a little more changes:

1- world clock and weather now are justified, and same background when hover.
2- Calendar today background is now green.
3- Clear-All button is now green when hovering and pressing. (it used to get black!)

.message-title {
color: #5c616c; }
.message-content {
color: #5c616c; }

.world-clocks-button:focus {
background-color: #fafafa;
border: none; }

.weather-button {
padding: 7px 10px 7px 10px; }

.world-clocks-button {
border: none; }

.button:hover, .notification-banner .notification-button:hover, .hotplug-notification-item:hover, .button:active, .notification-banner .notification-button:active, .hotplug-notification-item:active, .button:active:focus, .notification-banner .notification-button:active:focus, .hotplug-notification-item:active:focus,
.events-section-title:active {
color: white;
background-color: #16A085; }

.events-section-title {
color: black;
font-weight: bold; }

.weather-box {
spacing: 0.4em; }
.calendar-today {
background-color: #16A085;
color: #fff;
border-width: 0; }

Edit: for Arc theme (not maia) just change #16A085 with #5c616c


Seem have lost the previous post and now this point me in the other post where the issue is explained … with your permission i add this patch in the regular theme :slight_smile: you agree ?


Sure :slight_smile:


Well :grinning: , the right code to patch is all the last ? The first in your first message is always necessary ?


The first step is just for making a child theme, to avoid loosing data by updating the core files. So if you are going to fix the package in repoes, it’s not necessary anymore.
The last code in the second message, is a fix for gnome-shell.css for Arc-maia theme. As I mentioned, for Arc theme (not maia) just change #16A085 with #5c616c. because Arc is blue, and Arc-maia is green.


Have you considering to create a PR into github repo arc-theme

Uhmm but at last seem the author not consider the PR :unamused:


@aminima , i see the author have already modified the theme , i just upload this change . Can you check this ( is in unstable now ) and if necessary rebase your work on this commit ?


I checked here:

the version installed on my system (and has this issue) is the same version which is in this unstable repo.

#16 is poorly maintained mirror

check at

try setting your mirrorlist to an updated server using

sudo pacman-mirrors -yf1


Yep your mirror is outdated please check the rel 3 version … in your mirror is still present the rel 2


Thank you guys. I updated and the main Maia theme is fixed. so it’s not necessary to apply my patch.