Magic Keyboard w. ThinkPad T14: Remapping keys "^°" and "<>" ; eject to delete

Hello there,

I got a ThinkPad T14, w. Manjaro/KDE installed. While working at home I like using my wireless Magic Keyboard (German Layout). Sadly some keys (on the Apple-keyboard) are not correctly mapped ("^°" and “<>” ; eject to delete ). I followed a guide on the ArchWiki, trying to fix this.
edited this file:


options hid_apple iso_layout=0

mkinitcpio -P

Did not work out (no errors but nothing changed):

Then I tried the hole part (including the troubleshooting thing in the end): “Use a patch to hid-apple”

Did not work out as well (no errors but nothing changed).

dkms status

hid-apple-patched, 20200904.40bd316, 5.12.2-1-MANJARO, x86_64: installed (original_module exists)

uname -r


After this I tried to remap the keys with “xmodmap”. This had success on the magic keyboard, but sadly remapped the keys on my Laptop in the wrong direction aswell and my laptop got super laggy, (did stop lagging when I removed the xmodmap config) (I guess this happens because I use KDE which works partly w. wayland and xmodmap is a Xorg service).

Would be really thankful if someone could give me some advice on how to fix this.