Made a pixel-y forest

I had been playing around with Krita, planning on making a beautiful forest, put a few hours into the work, and messed up big time.
I somehow screwed it up when I saved it, and it went all pixel-y.
In a weird way, I kind of like it. So, have a look at a bunch of random pixels that if you tilt your head and squint, looks vaguely like a forest. :laughing:

Feel free to download for personal use, but please give me the courtesy to credit/ask to post somewhere else, etc.


Retro game background style. Every normal person likes retro gaming 8-bit art :space_invader:

Don’t know Krita, but look for some “color depth / color profile / color mode” option in the menus. I got a similar effect in GIMP by changing this option :wink:

Thanks. I will try this, in reverse.

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