Macbook pro 2012 trackpad not working correctly

I got the kde version of manjaro and the problem is when i press a key the trackpad wont move but when i plug in a mouse there isnt a problem this also was a problem when i booted ubuntu. Is there some driver i can get to fix this?,2_(Mid-2012)#Xorg
As seen there, you will need to install xf86-input-synaptics in order to use the built-in touchpad.

This didn’t work i can use the trackpad but i still can’t hold down a key and move it at the same time.

Depending on your DE, there might be a way to be able to move the trackpad/pointer while typing. On GNOME you have to run this command from terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad disable-while-typing false

See the settings your DE is providing … if any …