Mabox Linux is back, version 18.12 is ready


I’m happy to announce that Mabox Linux 18.12 is available for download :slight_smile:
Mabox is Manjaro re-spin with OpenBox WM


MD5 sum: 8fe27786458e23437d724aad56034a78

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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If I install it will the installation respect my actual Openbox settings?


Off course not. Maybe better to try it in VirtualBox :slight_smile:


I will check in a VM first so… So acostumed with my actual setting…


I don’t know why I have to download this, but I am. I think I have a sickness. Landlord already cancelled my Netflix sub-account because I kept signing in from ‘different’ browsers and she got scary emails. LOL


Just installed on a desktop computer. Installed without any problems and runs great! :slight_smile:

I have one issue. I keep getting “battery low” warnings. I can’t find a way to turn them off or at least let the system know this is not a laptop.

What is the fix for this ?

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did you put anything peculiar in it to differentiate this from @linux-aarhus’s one? Two Openboxes! What a great time to live!


Edit the running tint and in Panel items tab remove the Battery element

Rightclick DesktopPreferencesTint2Edit Tint2sRunning Tint2stint2/tint2rc

And I just realized it is the Mabox spin - I hope the location is somewhat correct :slight_smile:

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Nice spin - :+1:

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I think difference is mostly in default applications, Mabox have PCmanfm, terminator, tint2 by default. There are also some small additions, like “QuickAccess” menu (super+p). Mabox is simply Openbox configured by me for my day-to-day use. Some people may like it, other not . I think best way is to try in Virtualbox and see :slight_smile:


Which is precisely what the community edition is to me :slight_smile:

We appreciate it when other like the our environment too. :smile:


Fix “Battery low” on desktop (not laptop).
Open xfce4-power-manager-setings -> diasable “System tray icon”.

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@napcok Any chance of sharing that .conkyrc? I’m just too lazy to dd the image and snatch it.:blush:


Top right conky is found on this forum I think, I believe it comes from @holmeslinux JWM spin.
Here is english version of it ->


Thank you.


i installed few days ago and the system won’t recognize other HDD, but the worst thing is that i lost 47GB of file, my files disappear for ever…file manager wasn’t working as usually…but a part of that look and feel are good and definitely this is the best Manjaro … Arch Labs minimo have some problem too i tried install today 2 times but at the end of installation popup some error :thinking::unamused::worried:


You should provide more info about this, since it’s a serious problem.

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