Mabox Linux 20.02 released

I’m happy to announce that Mabox Linux 20.02 is available for download :slight_smile:
Mabox is Manjaro re-spin with OpenBox WM


Always loved this spin. you keep doin you boo :kissing_heart:


As every year, I expected a new release. Despite the prolonged work time, it was worth the wait.
I like the new solutions from jgmenu, especially the side panels.
Keep it up!

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Thanks @Ulther_Ego,
Side panels were created as an experiment to learn jgmenu. At first I was skeptical about them, but I started to add new functionalities like pipemenu to view the content of directories, GTK bookmarks, and then others. After a few days I noticed that I use side panels more and more and I liked them.
I am very interested in how other users will see it.
I'm glad you like it.

jgmenu - is amazing menu for scripting.


I like it a lot! :grin:

A small problem I noticed: the volume indicator is somehow duplicated. Could you look into that?

I'm still running your Mabox 17 in a VM, but about 1-2 years ago, I wasn't sure you were continuing your project so I removed your repo and some of your packages (kept the artwork and themes), and went with a pure Manjaro-repo setup.

See: Mabox to Manjaro Openbox migration

If I now wish to have the Mabox 20.02 setup, what are your repo details and keys, and what are the packages I should install from it? Any configuration-settings packages to install or files to copy?

That might be an interesting project to mess around with when I'm free. Of course, I'll make a snapshot of the VM first!

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@shenique Nice :slight_smile:
I see problem with duplicated notifications. Quick fix for now is to disable them in Volumeicons preferences.
I have to investigate this more.

Thanks for first bugreport :wink:

Unfortunately there is no easy way to update to Mabox 20.02.
Better to do fresh install if you can.
I'm thinking how to do this easy in the future releases.
I published full Mabox profile on GitLab so you can try play with it

All settings are in /etc/skel directory

Thera are only few Mabox specific packages.

Most important are:

Hope, that helps

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I have found that disabling "XFCE Volume Daemon (Pulseaudio)" in the XDG Autostart Editor and disabling xfce4-volumed-pulse in ~/.config/openbox/autostart solved the problem. Now there is only one volume notification :grin:

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Also, while there is an active entry for clipit in XDG Autostart Editor I don't see a running clipit instance anywhere in the panel.

Could you please try to remove line:


from ~/.config/autostart/clipit.desktop file?

That did it!

that menu is really nice!


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