Mabox Linux 17.02 - Manjaro re-spin with Openbox is ready



Download Manjaro Architect, there are tons of options in there.

There is also Bspwm-mate now I believe.


Fluxbox is still developed however


Oh, I was looking in Sourceforge page and it shows last update was 2016-07-30. But the last release was 1.3.7 seen here, and on their website, which was a 2015-02-08. I didn’t pay attention to the GitHub since it says it is a mirror. Still no release in 3 years :confused:


From least to lost minimal:
Awesome, I3, jwm, bspwm, bspwm-minimal.

Awesome has ease of use as the first priority and includes most things that people expect from a desktop (225-300Mb ram depending on whether it is full version). I3 has minimal aesthetic and interface, but includes a lot of apps (~210Mb). Jwm is mostly minimal, but includes calamares for installer (<150Mb). Bspwm is very minimal, with no gtk2 or qt included, just gtk3-classic (<125Mb). Bspwm-minimal is even more minimal, without gtk3, pulse audio or real gui apps (<100Mb).


been using the ancient openbox respin iso off sourceforge for this for a long time. with it being rolling release I’ve just updated after install but next time i do an install I’m absolutely going to use this. Glad to see someone is making an openbox respin again :slight_smile:


Hahaha, is it ‘mabuk’?


yeah, “mabuk” or “mabok / mabox (in slang word and many teens used the word)” generally means “drunk” in Bahasa. But, no matter of how the translation means, I’m pretty sure Mabox Linux has its own interpretation and meaning in its own languages. :blush:


Yes, the slang one, ‘mabok’ ^^


Lived in Surabaya for years. Got mabuked every Friday evening, then took the night bus to Bali. :grin:


This is yet to be decided. The author of Mabox has full time job and there were many changes with Manjaro Tools so it’s not just a matter of updating stuff but preparing most things anew, which requires lot of work. Last time it took few months to prepare it and polish things out and back then, Mabox developer had much more time. Nowadays it seem impossible to do it again but I might be mistaken - I hope I am. Maybe if more people would jump in into development, a refreshed Mabox version would be possible?



haha sounds very very very fun! I lived in Jogjakarta, surely I’m not the drunk-every-night-guy type, but yeah, having some drink and take a trip away from the crowded city to somewhere else sounds pretty neat to me :grinning:
but anyway, honestly, I think this drunk-thing has gotten way too far out of this forum topic. :laughing:
My apologies, dear Majaro Fellow… :slightly_smiling_face:


I am ready to make the jump. Is it safe to use every day? Any quirks that I should know about. I am going to do a clean install. Everything fresh.

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