Mabox Linux 17.02 - Manjaro re-spin with Openbox is ready



I’m happy to announce first version fo Mabox Linux - Manjaro re-spin with openbox wm.
Download links:
Torrents (thanks to @Strit):
Project website and forum:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Edit: Polish users can download polish version :
(difference is just menu and conkys translated)

[Community Editions] Openbox Revived

Don’t Call Me Lenny posted a great review of Mabox!


I think I’ll give this a try in a VM. I’ll leave ktorrent running for a few days as well.


wow, looks really interesting… I’ll sure try to install it in the HP Stream where I’ve not been able to install the (abandoned) Manjaro Openbox and where I’ve been struggling from the net install (it works, but far from satisfied by it).
Many, many thanks! :smiley:


Sending this from my new install of 64 bit Mabox, works great and looks amazing and the fact that it is 64 bit means that I can use the Discord client now

Keep up with the good work!


so why did you pick “17.02” version number?
Anyway, downloading it now, and thanks again.


It is just simply from release date: year and month :slight_smile:


There is a i686 version as well for our older machines.


makes perfect sense. I just gotta find mine now. :wink:


Hi, is there anything special about this Openbox Manjaro edition? I have listed here a number of distributions Openbox based : how do you comparte Mabox to them? (I use currently Openbox, which I setup in two very recent installs of Manjaro in the same way as in Bento Openbox). :grinning:


I think I’ll replace my cinnamon with this. :laughing:


Yeah, working pretty well here in a VMware Virtual Machine.
I’ve not grocked the fullness of Openbox yet. Looks indistinguishable from xfce so far, but then this is actually the first time Ive ever seen Openbox.


hi melodie, thanks for the link to your list of Openbox-based distributions :slight_smile:


Great job man, i like the look very much :heart_eyes:. Currently I use/prefer i3wm, but I’m sure I’ll try this pearl (I’ll install it for a friend and see his feel) …
For the name, shouldn’t be “Mobox”, “Manjobox” or ven “ManBox” !!!


I like the current name. It’s close to a word in my country that translates to ‘drunken’.


Nah this is fine, so far I had no freezes or crashes


Hi, @melodie I don’t know most of editions you have on list. I only use Crunchbang, Manjaro and Archbang for a while. So I can’t compare. What special with Mabox Linux…

  1. It is based on Manjaro :slight_smile:
  2. It have some “home-made” tools like control center and styler.
  3. It use very nice “theme manager” adapted from Bunsenlabs

You can see little bit more about it here with some screenshots ->


I was a long ago columbuser of openbox and crunchbang. sparkylinux openbox, and eventually pacbang and I find Mabox, aka manjaro openbox to be the most well put together version of manjaro openbox i have used. Also i very much appreciate that unlike the current state of pacbang (which i love), that in order to use mabox and install it, i do not need to remove my nvidia 1060 card :grin:

I very much approve of Mabox Linux!

Thank you Napcok!


Hello everyone!

I’m impresssed by all your answers! napcok : what is this control center built on? I have asked several people to make a control center for Bento Openbox and could not get one to work on it so far, and I was planning to try to reuse the Handylinux menu for this purpose, as have Primtux (Debian based, the said menu is written in python and interfaced with wxgtk-toolkit or something of the kind : please excuse the approximative name).

For anyone who might be interested, the Bento Openbox mind map about a control center can be obtainted here: and the information related to the Handy Menu (from the Handylinux project) should be found from this lead : and some screenshots:

So I thought someone who has some python fu might be able to make a full config center with a rich look… While I have yet no idea about what Mabox uses for it’s Openbox Control Center, I’ll be looking forward to read what you all think about this idea.


This is great, I used the last one but it far too out of date now, I got a new machine a few weeks ago and don’t need a low resource distro but this one looks amazing, I can’t let it go without trying it. Thanks, very much appreciate it.