M.2 Drive support?

I night have to move Linux to a M.2, does Liinux support N.2 drives?

I have an M.2 drive and I have absolutely no problems.

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I would guess the general answer to the question is yes.

But just to be clear, what kind of drive are we talking about? M.2 is just an interface similar to PCIe.

My first boss used to say there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers, but i struggle giving a clever answer on such a question :slight_smile:
Food for thought: why would’t it???
And which linux, which kernel, which drive, with which firmware…??

And there is the database:

M.2 drives can either be NVME or SATA. Both are supported just fine on Linux, you shouldn’t have any issues.

But I’m wondering… what do you mean by “moving linux to an m.2”? How do you intend to do this?

M.2 can be all kind of hardware



Short answer - yes it does - M.2 is a form factor for SSDs.

The M.2 format comes in two flavors and different physical size

2240, 2260, 2280 (I even think I remember there being a 2242) and the number refer to the distance between the socket and fixation screw.

  • sata
  • nvme

The two is not compatible but mutually exclusive.

I have both SATA and NVME drives in my computer and both work well.

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I run my system from a “Samsung SSD 990 PRO with Heatsink 2TB”
three partitions 1. (boot/efi ) 2. (root /) and 3. (/home)
Magnetic backup-drive included… :innocent:

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My Linux is installed on a 250GB M.2 and I have a 4 TB and a 5TB magnetic drive for storage space and for backups.

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