LXQT using kwin_x11 (KDE)


I just completed a complete build of LXQT using kwin_x11 (KDE) For those who are interested, the particulars are at the following url (on the LXQT site).


LXQt w/ kwin sounds great. I use KDE and love kwin.

It was a peculiar build because I initially installed the last formal manjaro LXDE build and stripped out LXDE,openbox, compton and added LXQT with kwin_x11.

I find it interesting that you installed LXDE to build this, instead of the LXQt version.


this is nice to see.

i used to build my own manjaro lxqt and used kwin as WM in it:

i also recommend to take the lxqt version (as linked above) and use it with kwin.


I didn’t use the LXQT build… because I was not smart enough to find it. :frowning:


I have to say that LXQT looks extremely promising. It makes my old laptop look like a Ferrari. :):smile:

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