LXQT Screen rotation issue on Raspberry Pi 3 B+

I am trying to rotate the screen using the monitor settings GUI from the LXQT menu but I am unable to apply my rotation settings or save the settings. The window will not close and my screen is not rotated.
(I am using the screen in physically vertical/portrait orientation)

I have tried to use xrandr but it does not exist in the system, so I don't know how to rotate the screen using the command line..

Any help is appreciated

As a note I also tried to rotate the screen as usual with other Raspberry OS using the /boot/config.txt file but to no joy.

Have you tried with other DE's? Like MATE or XFCE?

I have not installed that on the manjaro sd card, but using ubuntu mate raspbian and others I have no issue rotating the same monitor

I am also playing with the "lxqt-config-monitor.conf" file but I am not sure about the correct syntax to rotate the screen and so far my entry rotation=1 in the file did not work

Try installing mate then. And see if that can rotate it.

Could be that LXQT simply does not support rotation yet.

Ok, will do.

What is the best way to install other DEs? starting from the raspberry minimal? or on top of the current LXQt?

current LXQT will be fine, since you already have xorg and DM set up. :slight_smile:

No luck about rotating the screen.. seems like that when the kernel is loading, the screen rotates again to landscape.

It is a behaviour that when setting the rotation on the /boot/config.txt in any other OS (ubuntu/raspbian etc..) I cannot see.

Any other idea?

See here

Plenty of info about rotation

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