LXQT PCManFM-qt not working


I needed to re-install Manjaro, so I thought I would give a try to one of the community variants. LXQT has run nicely so far, a little bit of trouble with getting USB devices to work, but nothing major before now.

As I woke up today and started my computer, I noticed that PCManFM icon wouldn't open... well... PCManFM. I tried a few other things to see if it was just the button on the panel. I inserted an external hard drive to see if I could start the program by prompt and tried to open it by terminal (sudo PCManFM to be specific), nothing seems to get it open. Also the desktop wallpaper that has a couple of icons from installed Steam games, while visible, don't seem to be react to clicks neither. Aren't the icons also an extension of PCManFM on LXQT?

So I have this very strange situation where I have an installed by default piece of software that just decided to give up on life. While an installed package, doesn't start from panel and the terminal says pcmanfm is a command that is not found.

Does anyone have any idea on how to approach to this problem?


sudo pacman -S pcmanfm-qt

Then run from a terminal and report back with any errors.

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