[LXQT] ISO rebuild (18.0.2)



I honestly don’t understand the need to support most of the DEs, for example after LXQt’s release, would users still stay with LXDe? Anyway, believe it or not… I have been using a “YELLOWish” Manjaro since my first day in Linux, is there any way I can turn my laptop’s screen color back to normal? Everything in my monitor is yellowish! However I don’t think my screenshots will help as it’s only affecting my monitor.


The difference between LXDE and LXQT is like XFCE and KDE.

You cannot compare them.

When the profile has been made - very little is needed, except for the occational rebuild of the installation ISOs.

I have good computers, good internet and a lot of time. So rebuilding the ISOs now and then is no problem.

If you are using a workstation class computer - and a VGA connection - check the pins in your cable.

Are you running a redshift application - have you used any application to change the RGB compositing?


It’s a Compaq CQ40 and no the screen has been this way since I tookover from my sister about a month ago, I tried to look for a brightness controller software and also gamma controller. For example when lower down the brightness using the stock LXQT brightness, the screen automatically adjusting back to white color. I would have to adjust to about the location of 10’ oclock to get back the white color.


uninstall redshift.if you want white.


No it’s not redshift, it’s something to do with gamma and brightness.


Here is an example, I am comparing my screen with my spare phone. Notice the difference?


Now you know why you was allowed takeover :smile:


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