[LXQT] ISO rebuild (18.0.2)



LXQT ISO rebuild

Rebuild against latest stable repo (2019-02-18T23:00:00Z) .


Full ISO

direct | sig | sha1 | sha256

Minimal ISO

direct | sig | sha1 | sha256

To keep the releases apart I am using yywwd as identifier. That is the year, week of year, day of week.

So 19072 is created on day 2 of week 7 of year 2019.

$ echo $(date +%y%U%w)


Nice, I had wondering how to install LXQT for my old netbook. But there is one problem. I don’t know if it’s a bug or what, but on live preview keyboard doesn’t function normal. Lang is English US and you don’t get correct results when you type. e.g: M is 0, 0 is /, ‘’ is K etc. So it is unusable, can type my wifi pass because I need to find where are all keys I need :frowning:


Sounds like your numlock is on?

You can probably switch it by using Fn with your NumLock.

Keys activated using Fn is usually marked with blue.


Brilliant, would be even better if you could upload a torrent or metalink. Cheers.

So what’s the difference between theses and the 18.05 by the community?


Yeah that was the problem. Thank you :slight_smile:


The original torrent service is down and I have no information if a new torrent service is up.


No bother, is this the same as the 18.05 beta? Or this is more “official” in some ways.


There is no such release.

The next iteration is 18.0.3 and it will be announced at any moment now.


Why still that same wallpaper :sweat_smile:


Also previous one was made by fhdk in Manjaro community

18.05 was using testing branch

Because is a rebuild as title says


However there is plenty of solid changes that I noticed on the first boot, very well done indeed.

No more octopussy!


Want a minimal GNOME and XFCE build pls!


use manjaro architect
as minimal are not functional.
for regular use.


What you mean by not functional?


Both the 18.03 regular and minimal iso are the same? I assumed that as they are both of the same size.


There should be differences in size - I might have made an error.


So I have to download another iso or I can just update from 18.02?

Also, I tried installing the Deepin and Cinnamon and they both hang while installing.


You can do with 18.02 - it was build just before yesterdays stable update.

And I will upload new images of the 18.0.3 (lxqt)


Cheers, you might want to have a look at Deepin and Cinnamon too. Both 18.02 regular and minimal LXQt installs fine, but not for all regular/minimal Cinnamon and Deepin.


That would be a task for the relevant maintainer. I only maintain the LXDE, LXQT and Openbox Editions.